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Serving the greater Philadelphia region in support of Blues Music and the men and women who love it – through performance, promotion, preservation and community education

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Our website is a resource for the whole community to celebrate the heritage of the blues!


The Philadelphia Blues Society is a volunteer collective of music lovers, artists, venue owners, and advocates

The Philadelphia Blues Society is a member, charitable activity and community supported, 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization whose goal is to support “The Blues” as an African American cultural tradition, widely acknowledged as “America’s Original Musical Artform” which has become a wholly American experience across all races and ages.

Formed in 2023, the Philadelphia Blues Society exists to fulfill its mission by enabling live performance and helping to educate the community about the history and expression of a truly American artform.  Our goal is to spread the love of The Blues!

The mission of the Philadelphia Blues Society is to present, promote and preserve the blues and in all its forms throughout the greater Philadelphia region and support local, regional and national talent, nurturing an appreciation of the blues in school and community settings.

We also plan to support musicians and blues venues by encouraging live performances of blues, exchange information about blues-related events by providing a forum in the Philadelphia area where musicians and listeners can share their appreciation and love for the blues, support community events and organizations, host events that will benefit the general community through blues music and provide funding to support worthy blues artists and institutions.

We owe a huge debt of gratitude especially to the late Toni Washington and Gypsy Joe Alves for helping to inspire our mission and efforts to support blues music. We also wish to acknowledge the great work of our sister blues societies in Eastern PA and beyond, like the venerable Bucks County Blues Society, The Poconos Blues Society, Mojo North Blues Society, our predecessor – Philly Blues Society, and others, as well as the Blues Society of Central PA and the Diamond State Blues Society, and the many wonderful people who have tirelessly mounted all the terrific blues festivals in the region, and the radio DJs who have supported blues music on the airwaves. We would not be here today without their efforts and others not mentioned here. This new society is inclusive of the entire community and extends its efforts in harmony with our forebears and compatriots.